Azure DevOps Backups and Ransomware Protection with Immutability

In this blog, we delve into the critical importance of implementing proper backup and data protection measures within Azure DevOps, drawing a clear distinction between operating without backups versus with backups. Simply illustrating a scenario where an organization falls victim to a malicious actor’s infiltration, resulting in the compromise and deletion of crucial data from their Azure DevOps instance, akin to the unfortunate incident experienced by Microsoft in 2022. The consequences are preventative, ranging from operational disruptions and intellectual property theft to compliance violations and reputational damage.

With one social engineering attack, a malicious actor gains access to your Azure Devops instance. 

Just ask Microsoft who had exactly this happen to them in 2022.

With nefarious intent, the actor downloads your critical data and proceeds to delete it from your Azure DevOps instance.

In a blink of an eye, your organization’s valuable IP is compromised, and the attacker demands a hefty ransom for their return. Without any backups, you’re left scrambling to mitigate the damage and facing the daunting prospect of paying the ransom and losing crucial data. And that is not all. Your organization faces the consequences of:

  • Data Breach
  • Operational Disruption
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Compliance Violation
  • Financial Loss
  • Reputational/brand damage

Without any DevOps backup:

1. A malicious actor gains access to Azure DevOps. They can do this by:

  • Phishing Attacks
  • Credential Theft
  • Social Engineering 

2. They download all data and delete it from Azure DevOps.

  • The ease of such an attack ultimately depends on the effectiveness of the organization’s security measures and the attacker’s capabilities.

3. They are in a position of power to demand a ransom and compromise code.

Now, let’s consider the concept with Azure DevOps backup and data protection from Backrightup:

1. As a customer, you set up your Azure storage to enable the WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) state – learn more at Microsoft’s documentation.

2. Add the storage to Backrightup, and your backups run daily. This is enabled in a few simple steps.

3. If a malicious actor deletes your Azure DevOps data you have your backups to restore from. In the case where they gain access to the backups themselves, with backup immutability via Azure storage, also known as WORM, even if they access your Azure storage (where the backups are stored), they cannot delete from it as it’s write-only (non-deletable).

Bulletproof Azure DevOps

It’s a quick and easy way, not to mention proven by the world’s largest organizations. The immediate strength of Backrightup with Azure Storage WORM state and making these simple changes include:

  • Mitigating Data Breach Risks and Operational Disruption: Setting up Azure storage with WORM state and integrating it with Backrightup for daily backups ensures that even if a malicious actor deletes critical data from Azure DevOps, the backups remain intact and non-deletable.
  • Safeguarding Against Intellectual Property Theft and Compliance Violations: Prevents potential data breaches and operational disruptions but also protects against intellectual property theft and compliance violations by ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.
  • Minimizing Financial Loss and Reputational Damage: In a ransomware attack, retaining backups helps minimize the risk of financial loss and reputational damage associated with paying the ransom or public disclosure of the attack.

Enhancing Resilience Against Cyber Threats: Enhance the ability to maintain data integrity, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder trust.


The reality without backups, organizations are left vulnerable, scrambling to mitigate the fallout and potentially facing hefty ransom demands. Conversely, with Azure DevOps backup solutions like Backrightup, paired with Azure storage’s WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) state, organizations can bulletproof their defenses. By seamlessly integrating daily backups and leveraging immutability features, they can effectively mitigate data breach risks, safeguard against IP theft and compliance violations, minimize financial losses, and enhance resilience against evolving cyber threats. The transformative power of embracing Azure DevOps backups underscores a pivotal decision in safeguarding your organizational assets and integrity, in a few steps.

Thankfully we are seeing more and more Azure DevOps leaders looking at ways to protect their most critical IP. For more information on how to protect Azure DevOps get in touch.


Why Backrightup is the Preferred Enterprise Grade Azure DevOps Backup Solution

Since originating from the collaboration with the US Department of Defense through Microsoft, Backrightup has evolved to secure Azure DevOps and GitHub environments globally, serving the most compliance-driven sectors, including financial services, government, engineering, and healthcare. This DNA underscores its capability to safeguard the most sensitive and critical data against a broad spectrum of DevOps risks, ranging from inadvertent deletions to sophisticated cyber threats. Trusted by the world’s largest organizations, Backrightup stands as a testament to Microsoft for unmatched security and resilience, ensuring that Azure DevOps data remains protected under all circumstances.

Comprehensive Coverage for Work Items and Boards

Backrightup’s unlimited backup for Work Items and Boards ensures that every attachment and interlinked item is meticulously preserved. This level of detailed backup maintains the integrity of complex project workflows, guaranteeing full recovery capability with top-tier encryption for utmost security.

Unmatched Git/TFVC Repository Backup

Acknowledging the critical value of source code, Backrightup delivers robust backup solutions for Git and TFVC repositories. It secures every line of code with unique encryption keys, offering developers the assurance that they can securely revert to any version at any time.

On-Demand Backup Usage

Integration with existing pipelines for unlimited on-demand backup capabilities demonstrates Backrightup’s flexibility. This allows teams to implement backups at any developmental stage, providing immediate data protection and peace of mind.

Full Spectrum Backup and Restore

Backrightup extends its protection to every component of Azure DevOps, from Pipelines and Releases to Wikis. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire DevOps ecosystem is covered, leaving no aspect of your operations vulnerable.

Round-the-Clock Technical Support

Global technical support and restore assistance ensure that help is readily available, minimizing potential downtime and keeping business operations running smoothly.

Data Sovereignty and Flexible Retention

Backrightup’s flexible data retention policies and compliance with data sovereignty laws offer customizable solutions to meet a variety of organizational needs, aligning with legal and regulatory standards. As an example, Backrightup work with Financial Service organizations in the US, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

Continuous Innovation

A commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Backrightup remains at the industry forefront, with regular feature updates and product strategy reviews to meet evolving customer needs. Backrightup understand that every organization is different so work with customers to customization so the solution is integrated into their data governance and compliance requirements.

Dedicated Account Support

Dedicated training and support are provided to maximize the potential of Backrightup, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and optimized data protection strategies.

Proactive Reporting and Notifications

Comprehensive reporting and real-time notifications offer robust data monitoring and governance, keeping organizations management informed about the health and security of their data.

Tier 1 Security for Regulated Organizations

Backrightup meets the highest security standards required by regulated organizations, providing custom contracts, security assessments, and onboarding to ensure compliance and data protection.

Dedicated Restore Testing

Backrightup guarantee efficacy and work with their customers on restore testing and full reporting services, offering an additional layer of assurance during a disaster in the reliability of the backup and restore processes.


Backrightup is not merely a backup tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that underpins the data protection strategy, developed from high-stakes origins and trusted by leading organizations across the most regulated industries worldwide. Its coverage, flexible backup options, and dedicated support make it the definitive choice for securing Azure DevOps environments against any threat. With Backrightup, organizations ensure the continuity, integrity, and security of their most valuable digital assets, addressing compliance demands, and solidifying its status as the preferred Azure DevOps data protection solution.

For more information, get in touch to speak with one of our Azure DevOps Experts.