Customer Success Story: Financial Services DevOps Defense

Assurant is a US Fortune 500 Firm with millions of customers, tens of thousands of employees, and relies on thousands of repositories of code to help the entire organization function smoothly. They trust Backrightup to protect:

  • 5000+ Repositories
  • 1000+ Work Items, Pipelines, etc.

The Challenge

Assurant uses Azure DevOps across their organization and needed more protection than offered by Microsoft’s default 28 day policy. They also wanted a comprehensive solution that made restoring data as easy as backing it up. After assessing the price of building and maintaining an internal solution they realized it was more cost effective and secure to partner with Backrightup.

The Solution

Assurant selected Backrightup to provide daily, automated, secure backups for all the crucial data they keep in Azure DevOps. Assurant have a comprehensive backup, instant restore, and enterprise level support whenever they need it.

The Benefit

Comprehensive Backup

In addition to repositories we backup work items, pipelines artifacts, wikis, and more. Assurant knows their projects are more than just the source code, and it’s vital to maintain a comprehensive backup of the whole project.

Granular Restore

Assurant now have the ability to restore single repos, work items, or entire projects at once depending on their needs. Making sure they can easily restore what they want, when they need it, is just as important as backing it up in the first place.

Business Continuity

Assurant doesn’t want to let an Azure outage, an employee mistake, or a malicious actor cause downtime for their business. They know data loss doesn’t have to equal lost time with the right backup solution.

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